Bitcoin poker and online poker



If you can only relate poker to shady rooms behind bars guarded by armed men, then you must be living under a rock. Technology has made it possible for anyone above the age of 18 to play poker online. Online poker platforms connect players from all over the world irrespective of language and currencies.


What’s the craze about online poker?


Earlier people had to travel hundreds of miles to play poker legally. The brick and mortar poker rooms were only located in casinos of Vegas or Atlantic City. Now you can play poker right from the comfort of your home.

In addition to that, there are a number of other reasons why people are more inclined to play poker on an online platform rather than visit their nearest casino. Today we shall help enumerate the advantages of online poker games which every player enjoys-


  • Online poker offers lower stakes. This is made possible by the fact that online casinos have to pay lesser revenues as compared to their land-based counterparts. This makes it possible for them to keep the player cost minimum.


  • Any player can stay hooked on the game for 24 hours. Online poker rooms have round the clock accessibility which makes it possible for players to play all day from their homes via their connecting devices. Most of these games are also compatible with mobile phones and thus the players can make their moves even when they are out of their homes.


  • Online poker rooms are free for all players. You can choose to play for real money and even then you will not have to pay a registration fee.



  • Online poker allows most players to review their hand histories, their strategies and current game statistics which give them fair chance to review their gameplan.


  • Online poker rooms usually do not have any restriction of languages and currencies. Any player from any part of the world can participate in an ongoing game. The winnings are directly transferred to their bank accounts in their preferred currency.



  • All the transactions are encrypted and secure. Most gaming platforms make the safety and security of their players’ bank details their highest priority. In addition to that, players can maintain anonymity while playing a game.

  • Online poker rooms usually operate on special software which makes it possible for players to access the rooms successfully from a variety of devices. Online poker can be played on Windows, Mac and LINUX OSx. There are many platforms which also offer downloadable versions of the game, however many of these downloadable form of the games cannot be played for real money.



Is online poker legal?


This is one question that plagues the minds of many players while sitting in a poker room. Most players and aspiring poker masters will be glad to know that online poker has been made legal in many countries and is restricted in the others, which includes United Kingdom as well. But sadly, by virtue of at least 6 different acts, online poker is deemed illegal in the United States of America.


Strategy: how to play poker and win as well


The first step for any new poker player is to decide whether you want to play for the win or if you want to play for just fun. If you are a newbie it is expected that you are in the game to have fun. Playing poker is exceedingly easy if you have a good grasp of mathematics. It is mastering poker that poses a serious challenge even for the most brilliant minds of this world. There are a few concepts you need to master in order to master the game itself. A few of these concepts are-


  • Aggressive play: you need to learn how to play your strong hands aggressively and fold your weak hands inconspicuously.

  • A tight play: this is a fundamental concept which all players have to master while playing a winning game. You decision to either play a hand or not will be made before the flop.

  • Taking appropriate advantage of your opponents’ mistake(s)



Remembering these concepts will help you to achieve the right balance while playing poker. Far too many people lose their money by playing too many hands. It is essential you learn when to continue and when to fold. And these concepts will help you do that.

Necessary strategies for winning at poker

The most important poker strategies are based on a few very simple facts. Now that you have an idea about the concepts you need to comprehend, let us move on to the strategies of the game.


  1. Making the right decisions: your target should not be to make winning decisions in each step. In fact you should concentrate on an overall winning game. You should simply play to the best of your abilities during each session so that the overall chances of winning tilt in your favor. Never make the mistake of judging your playing ability based on one session.

  2. Poker is math: do not let this fact put you off. Poker is a thoroughly mathematical game. Since you have incomplete information about your opponents’ hands it may seem a bit confusing and complicated in the beginning. A good poker player usually defines his winning game by selecting the right starting hands. This is a simple instance of probability which states that if you enter the game with the best hand more frequently, then you have more chances of winning as compared to your opponents at the table.

  3. Avoid emotional decisions: this is one of the most important things a poker player has to master while sitting at the table. Almost all seasoned players try to use emotions to influence decisions made by their opponents. Emotional decisions almost always result in huge losses. This is called tilting and it happens to the best of players. It is impossible to avoid it every time you are playing poker, so if that does happen to you do not beat yourself up. In fact use it as an instance to learn about the strategies used by seasoned players to turn the table.



Experience is the best teacher when it comes to poker. Most of these strategies become simpler when you start playing regularly.

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